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Suzanne Roff, PhD founded Compass Point Consulting in the late 1990s to provide individual and group psychotherapy.  By 2005, she transitioned from a private psychotherapy practice into a consulting and coaching practice.  

As well as consulting work, Suzanne is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at New York University.  She serves Past President of the Manhattan Psychological Association and is the Founder of Psychology21C, Inc., a non-profit focused on the relevance of 21st century psychology.

Dr. Roff authored chapters on Organizational Knowledge, including her latest on Finding Wisdom in Big Data and Healthcare.  She holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology from New York University and a Masters of Professional Studies from the Graduate School of Management and Urban Policy, The New School University.

Throughout Dr. Roff’s career, she has focused on how people work and play, share knowledge, and find community in groups.

Contact her at Suzanne@SuzanneRoff.com

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Suzanne Roff, PhD